marble kitchen

A marble kitchen countertop is a choice of many families for its appearance and price. However, families investing, in the long run, should ditch the idea of having marble in the kitchen for the simple reasons that marble is a delicate stone and calls for extra care. We have gathered a list of why marble does not make it to the perfect kitchen countertops list.

1) Porous Stone: Marble is a porous stone. It can absorb liquids and spills quite quickly, which may result in staining making the marble look unattractive and ugly. You can always use dedicated stain removals specially designed for marble. If you go for a marble kitchen countertop, know that you may have to spend extra almost every on getting it polished and cleaned by a professional.

2) Not for DIY Projects: Marble is heavy and is not suitable for DIY projects. You will have to have a professional hired to install a marble countertop in the kitchen. Besides, you also need to ensure that the counters are strong enough to endure the marble weight.

3) Delicate Stone: Marble is a soft and delicate stone. Any sharp or heavy object fell on it will leave its marks. Such marks are not stains and don’t go away. So, having a marble kitchen countertop means you need to be extra careful with the surface. You cannot think if chopping and crushing food ingredients on the slab either would damage the body beyond repair.

4) Degrades: Investing in a marble kitchen countertop is not a good idea as the stone degrades itself over time. If you are not careful with the countertop, the marble will degrade even faster. Regular cleaning and maintenance, however, would slow down the degradation process.

5) Expensive: People buy marble kitchen countertops as it is a luxurious stone. It is costly and calls for high maintenance.

There are many options available in the market that makes it perfect for the kitchen countertop. Granite and quartz, for instance, are a durable and everlasting option for countertops.

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